Revis to the Pats!

ImageTalib who?

Following the former shut-down Patriot cornerback’s unexpected bolt to Denver, The Patriots have (for the first time in a while) jumped on a big name Free Agent. Revis Island will be coming to Foxborough. The signing is perfect for the Patriots defense, as it gives them a specialized man-coverage corner, a position that was lost when Talib was offered a ridiculous near 10 million salary. Free Agency has still just begun, and the Pats have meetings with former Bronco linebacker Wesley Woodyard as well as former Panther wideout Brandon LaFell to close out the week, and it will be interesting to see what Kraft and Belichick decide to do with what they have left in cap space, after committing 12 million to Revis in 2014. Overall, I’d say the signing is perfect for the Pats. Not only is Rex Ryan somewhere in New York throwing a fit that his former golden boy won’t back in green and white for the 14′-15′ season, but it brings a new presence to the defensive backfield that will hopefully see the progression of many young players with a mentor like Revis now amongst them.

More Patriots Free Agency updates to come.


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