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UPDATE: Pats Extend Revis


The Patriots have added a second, $20 Million year to Darrelle Revis’ new contract

This move is interesting, to say the least, and I’m thinking that a verbal agreement to extend the deal was made last night, when the original, one year contract was signed.

The additional year a team option, and it is likely the Patriots will not keep Revis on the books for 20 Million next year, even if he wins DPOY AND a ring in 14′. This additional year does take away the Patriots right to tag Revis in 15′, an idea that was extremely appealing when the contract details and the lack of a no-tag option were revealed to the public. If/when the Patriots do not agree to sign Revis to the second year of his contract, Revis will become a free agent.

But lets not worry about next year already, the season hasn’t even started yet!

More Patriots updates to come


What the Revis Signing Means for the Patriots


Today, the Patriots signed 28 year old Darrelle Revis to a one year, 12 million dollar contract.

In 2014, the story of “the hoodie”, along with his dynasty, will continue without interruption.

2013 yielded a disappointed season for spoiled Patriots fans (Only Division Champions? Outrageous!), but the past is in the past. Another offseason is here, and the question remains; can the duo of Brady and Belichick bring another ring to Foxborough? In a free agent signing today, the Patriots showed that this is exactly their intention. With the recent loss of Talib to the spend-happy Broncos, the Patriots were once again without a true #1 cornerback. Part of me thought that Belichick would reach out for Revis, try to bring the dominate corner to his squad, but it also seemed too easy. Belichick is known to think outside the lines, and rarely ever can even the most qualified of “experts” predict a Patriots draft pick. I really assumed that Belichick would refuse to give in to the easy choice, to throw wads of cash at a top of the line free agent, and look to develop Dennard and the plethora of other talented young backs at his disposal. 

Instead, He shocked me. He did the easy thing. He did the right thing. With the addition of Revis, and the presumed progress between Brady and his receivers, the Patriots are now, once again, serious contenders for a championship. There is obviously much more to be done before the team can reach a champion level, but as for now, they have once again, after only being removed for a day, climbed back into a top 5 position in the league.

So whats next? Who’s next?

Brandon Lafell caught for 627 yards in 2013

LaFell caught for 627 yards in 2013

The Patriots are down to a remaining 3 million in cap space, a number which can be increased with the restructuring of a few contracts. As of now, New England has meetings lined up with Broncos linebacker Wesley Woodyard, as well as Panthers receiver Brandon LaFell. Woodyard may be a stretch of a sign, as the Pats linebacker unit, even with the recent departure of Spikes, is a very strong trio of Mayo, Hightower and Collins. Woodyard, due to the overspending of many teams on linebackers so far, may also be looking for more money than the Patriots would be willing to spend for another linebacker. But signing LaFell could have some upside for the Patriots. The four year receiver is still young, at 27, but is a veteran in the league and has played an impressive 60 games in his 4 seasons. Last year LaFell caught 49 receptions for 627 yards and 5 touchdowns, third in receiving for the Panthers behind Greg Olsen and Steve Smith. In a small market relatively weak at the wide receiver position, the Patriots could sign LaFell for rather cheap, and take a cap hit of just a few million for an experienced, talented receiver. The Patriots should definitely consider signing LaFell instead of, say, Hakeem Nicks, as LaFell managed to play every game and prove himself in 2013, and thrived with the excelling Cam Newton, whose skill and arm power can be matched by few quarterbacks in the league, one of those being Tom Brady. A unit of Ammendola, (Edelman?), Dobson, LaFell and Thomkins would provide more than enough talent for Brady to shine.

As for the rest of Free Agency, it really is too hard to predict at this point, and I believe Belichick will return to his unpredictable ways soon enough. But rest assured, Patriots fans; Brady and Belichick, with the help of Darrelle Revis, should be able to contend for a title once again in 2014.

Revis to the Pats!

ImageTalib who?

Following the former shut-down Patriot cornerback’s unexpected bolt to Denver, The Patriots have (for the first time in a while) jumped on a big name Free Agent. Revis Island will be coming to Foxborough. The signing is perfect for the Patriots defense, as it gives them a specialized man-coverage corner, a position that was lost when Talib was offered a ridiculous near 10 million salary. Free Agency has still just begun, and the Pats have meetings with former Bronco linebacker Wesley Woodyard as well as former Panther wideout Brandon LaFell to close out the week, and it will be interesting to see what Kraft and Belichick decide to do with what they have left in cap space, after committing 12 million to Revis in 2014. Overall, I’d say the signing is perfect for the Pats. Not only is Rex Ryan somewhere in New York throwing a fit that his former golden boy won’t back in green and white for the 14′-15′ season, but it brings a new presence to the defensive backfield that will hopefully see the progression of many young players with a mentor like Revis now amongst them.

More Patriots Free Agency updates to come.